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Taking Professional Help is Better than Plagiarism


(Advertisement) Writing research paper is always one of the hardest tasks, especially to me, as it has a tight deadline and other conditions. Besides, in a research paper, it is mandatory to put a number of references while there are lots of reference styles and I have to know a number of styles. At the time of studying in an Australian college, my supervisor asked me to write a paper as an assignment in which I had to relate people’s educational qualification with their job satisfaction.

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Systematic Review and Its Importance


Traditional form of ‘literature review’ normally reports the findings part of other researches related to one’s own research questions, not necessarily it goes for appraising critically methods used in conducting these researches. There might be numerous number of research studies in a specific research area, not necessarily all were conducted following appropriate methodology. But more importantly, are all these findings reported valid, reliable and useful? Why is it important to be findings reliable? How can policy makers, professionals and practitioners identify sound research evidences for policy formulation and outlining strategies? Here it comes the idea of ‘systematic review’, started first back in 1975 in the field of healthcare, but later it has now been being used in other areas including education, social care, crime and justice, employment etc. A ‘systematic review’ is mainly a scientific, methodological, rigorous review of existing literature which actually examines the results of other researches whether the evidences are valid, reliable and useful. It is a kind of research aiming to answer a particular research question by looking at as much as possible relevant researches that also aimed at answering same type of research question. It then picks up only reliable evidences from those researches following a standard set of processes. The ‘systematic review’ uses explicit, rigorous and transparent methods in doing so. The very procedures of ‘systematic review’ make it accountable, replicable and updateable. It also makes sure the involvement of the users of that particular research outputs in order to make it very relevant and useful. Then finally, ‘systematic review’ synthesizes those varied and reliable evidences available for all who will need to use it. Traditionally ‘systematic review’ was employed to assess the researches having mainly experimental/interventional design but now the use of ‘systematic review’ for assessing researches of other designs has been increased. Read more: Systematic Review and Its Importance

Australian Government Publishing Service/ Australian Government Information Management Office (AGPS/AGIMO) Style


Special Features
* Previously known as the Australian Government Publishing Service (AGPS) style, but now revised by Snooks & Co, 2002. It is based on the Harvard or author-date system for books, articles and “non-books”.

* It is a modified version of the style presented in: Style manual for authors, editors and printers, 6th ed., formerly known as the AGPS Style manual. 

* The author-date system can vary in minor features such as punctuation, capitalization, abbreviations and the use of italics. The most important principle in referencing is to be consistent.

* All sources used in assignments, essays, reports and theses must be acknowledged in the text of your document giving the author’s name followed by the publication date (these are called ‘in-text citations’). Read more: Australian Government Publishing Service/ Australian Government Information Management Office...
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